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Give us a chance to further your chances! adesso is one of the best places to work in the IT world for entry-level and established professionals alike. At adesso, the people make the difference – and generate the success. And these values are shared by our employees. We place our trust in you and create opportunities for career development and management. We value your commitment and motivation.

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We offer a broad spectrum of tasks – project work is our strength. In our teams, we combine technological competence and the expertise of our people. We think and act with an interdisciplinary approach, we are solution-oriented and move forwards together with our customers. Challenging projects await you at adesso. And we need people like you. People who are proactive and proud of their work.

We take our promise to provide opportunities seriously. adesso is currently searching for interested applicants in the following areas:

An overview of the engineering process – software development at adesso

It is about more than just programming – software development at adesso is a holistic engineering process. It includes requirements engineering, system design, programming, quality assurance and project management. Our 800 software engineers feel at home in the Java and Microsoft environments and use a wide range of technologies and methods.

Make waves and design processes – IT Consulting at adesso

We need bright minds with great organisational skills at the point where theory and practice meet. Our IT consultants bring strategic thinking, digital trends and ideas for selecting technologies and tools under one roof, along with their project management skills. Our IT consultancy service provides a strong link between our specialist departments and the IT team.

Inspiring customers – account management at adesso

Account management at adesso is about more than simply selling isolated IT services – we offer our customers the entire spectrum of adesso’s services! Our talented salespeople need to have a broad overview as well as deep insights. They act as intermediaries and advisors in exciting project environments, which range from delivering complex custom-built software right through to mega-projects.

Discover diversity - central services at adesso

Our central services team actively supports adesso’s growth. It provides a variety of internal services, ranging from back office support and financial services through to HR management and corporate communications. This means that our central services team has opportunities for people from a wide variety of disciplines.

Your start at adesso – more than just an apprenticeship

For many who are fresh out of school, an apprenticeship is their first major step into the professional world. At adesso Schweiz AG, we are currently training five EFZ (Swiss Certificate of Competence) computer scientists and one EFZ computer scientist in the field of application development at our locations in Bern and Zurich.

It is important to be happy at work and a person’s first job experiences are formative ones. We asked our current and former apprentices what they like most about adesso.

Noah: „There is a real feeling of comradery at the office and the employees are great. Plus, adesso also has a lot to offer its employees, for example the eduCamp.“

Aswina: „You are constantly learning new things, the people here help bring out the best in you and they are there to support you. There are always new projects and new challenges awaiting us. Computer science is by no means a purely male profession and I really like the job. It takes a lot of creativity and teamwork, which are my strong suits.“

Laurin: „There is a really nice working atmosphere. You work very independently, but also have a lot of personal responsibility. Plus, the annual eduCamp is always a highlight.“

Our vacancies

In Zurich, we recruit our apprentices directly via ZLI (Zürcher Lehrbetriebsverband ICT).

The new apprenticeship openings for August 2020 and 2021 in Bern have already been filled. We are not yet able to offer apprenticeships at our offices in Basel and Lausanne.

We use Future Day and our recruiting event in Bern to introduce adesso to the next generation. We are currently unable to offer any trial days. We are happy to answer your questions about young talents via e-mail at:


Flat hierarchies, open doors, short decision-making paths, mutual support and recognition are key elements of our corporate culture. At adesso, we are on a first name basis across all hierarchical levels. It’s important to us that our employees not only get along well with each other when working together on projects, but also outside of their day-to-day work. We foster the team spirit at numerous joint events and activities outside of the office.


We give you a warm welcome and familiarise you with all you need to know. We want you to feel at home at adesso right from day one. Your manager and team colleagues will ensure you are properly introduced to your area of responsibility and they are always available to answer questions, as is our back office team.

Our Welcome Day will certainly be one of the highlights of your first three months. A diverse programme will provide you with an overview of our industry-specific business model, an insight into our corporate culture and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other newcomers.

adesso Welcome Day

Impressions adesso Welcome Day

We talk to each other – about a wide range of topics, across all divisions and hierarchy levels. At adesso, it’s the better factual argument that counts – regardless of hierarchy. This includes giving regular feedback. Our tasks can only be fulfilled with an open dialogue and mutual support. We understand that your job is an important part of your life – but it isn’t everything. That’s why we try to ensure a better work-life balance for our employees.

For us, appreciation is more than just a well-equipped workplace, bonuses, performance-related pay or a share of our profits. Our adessi have a true sense of team spirit and know that they can rely on fairness and respect. We show our appreciation every day.

adesso explicitly supports and encourages personal contact between employees by organising social events. That’s why several exciting employee events are held every year, such as the eduCamp, quarterly meeting, summer party, Christmas dinner or ski weekend.

In addition, we participate as an adesso team in the B2Run company run as well as in the Swiss nationwide bike-to-work campaign.

Your personal development at adesso

At adesso, it’s the people who bring new ideas and technologies together. We work at the highest level, which is why we facilitate the personal development of our employees. We are open to new approaches and regularly exchange ideas and information, including with external experts. This mindset serves as the basis for innovation, continuous progress and your success with us.

Our standardised career model contains five function levels and additional leadership tasks, and is broadly applied and enables you to have a long-term perspective at adesso Schweiz AG.

Career model

 Career model

We attach great importance to the training and further education of employees in many areas. In addition to support for individual development, our employees can benefit from a comprehensive range of further training courses in the adesso SE training programme. Click here for the: Schulungskatalog.

Our Communities of Practice (CoPs) allow our employees to exchange information and learn about common interests. This is done with the following objectives in mind:

  • Keeping up to date with current developments and market trends
  • Evaluating and researching new technologies and methods
  • Achieving, mastering and maintaining expertise
  • Developing and testing new service offerings and achieving market impact

The following focus topics are currently being worked on in our CoPs:

Sandra Weis, Senior Business Consultant at adesso SE, has described in our blog how our Communities of Practice create added value for (potential) customers.

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Our objective is to grow with our customers. We aim to achieve a healthy, continuous rate of growth. To this end, we systematically analyse industries, markets and regions to identify opportunities. This enables adesso to tap into new business and operational areas and open up locations that are close to the customer and the jobs of the future.

Our benefits – an all-round exciting offer

Our generous benefits round off our attractive working conditions. The many events organised by adesso, such as the Christmas dinner with partners, our quarterly meetings and the eduCamp, for example, give our employees the opportunity to exchange ideas outside of work. Team cohesion and fun should not be neglected in the workplace.

In addition to the many employee events, our annual eduCamp is an absolute highlight. This training week takes place at a location right on the Mediterranean Sea. There, the focus is not only on the community experience, but also on training. Various workshops are held in which external trainers inform us about new technologies. Wherever possible, we also offer subsequent professional certification. The costs (including accommodation and meals) are borne by adesso.


With us, you can divide your in-office hours in a flexible manner and reduce overtime through leisure time/shortened working days at a later point thanks to our annual working time model. We combine the option of working from home with a shortened weekly working time reduced from the usual 40 hour work week to create the perfect conditions for achieving an optimal work-life balance.

Your workload can also benefit from our flexible options, too. If the work situation allows for it, employees can reduce their workload. This is not just a long-term option – you can also arrange it during the year or for just a limited time.

You also receive five weeks of holiday and the possibility to take unpaid holiday leave by arrangement.

As a new father, in addition to the 10 days of paternity leave, you also receive 2 days of paid absence for the birth of a child.


Working from home is also possible at adesso after discussing it the team or project manager.


All adesso employees receive a pre-determined amount of personal credits per year, which can be used for company parking, public transport passes/tickets, entry fees for sports events or contributions to cultural events in which they are directly involved.

mobile phone

adesso pays a portion of your mobile phone bill and contributes to a new mobile phone every two years.

Food & drinks

Free mineral water, coffee, tea and fruit at all locations and good food options nearby.

company loyalty

Loyalty to the company is rewarded with a bonus and once an employee has been working at adesso for ten years, they receive an additional holiday week for each subsequent year.


Commission for procuring new customers and employees. Writing blog posts or specialist articles is also generously rewarded.


Thanks to our cooperation with Ticketcorner, our employees have pre-sale rights to certain tickets and numerous ticket discounts.


Personal credit card and prepaid card via Cornèrcard with special terms.


Discounts on exercise and health classes.


Special offers from other well-known suppliers.


adesso offers extensive of insurance cover. In addition to continued salary payments of 100 per cent of one month in the first year of service and 12 months from the second year of service, we have a sick pay insurance policy from AXA Winterthur and an accident insurance policy from Sympany with excellent insurance terms.

Do you have any questions?

Our recruiting team is looking forward to hearing from you.

Michael Groove
Recruiting Manager

Tel: +41 58 520 97 03


Michael Groove

Alexandra Borchert
Recruiting Specialist

Tel: +41 58 520 97 03


Alexandra Kaplan

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