Digitalisation of the telecoms industry

Existing in a constant and rapid change in an extremely competitive environment

You know how it is: you typically have to deliver network rollout, IT strategy, IT governance, operations, and application development with great cost pressures. But often the investments do not translate into additional sales or differentiation. In addition, new revenue generators are tough to identify, and existing ones are under mounting pressure. Differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult and leads to a price war. And the result? Room for manoeuvre decreases.

In this situation, adesso helps you set the levers for the right future course.

Investment comes before turnover. But what if billions flow into infrastructure that creates no advantage on the market and generates no new turnover? With proven formats such as Design Thinking and the Interaction Room, we help you recognise how you can really make yourself stand out from the competition and with which new sales you can compensate for any loss from price competition.

IT managers frequently have to make resources available at great expense to be able to comply with service level agreements. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable staff with the necessary qualifications.

Do you want to ensure that the operation of your system and application landscape runs smoothly? Then react early because consistent outsourcing of these tasks gives you new room for manoeuvre.

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What makes for long-term success today are interactions with the customer that create positive experiences. However, to ensure this, internal processes must be perfectly integrated and coordinated - in the way they were planned, not the way the system modifies them. Process mining makes transparent how processes really work - 100%, visually. By using original/real transaction data, decisions can be made fact-based and objective.

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There is much debate about what artificial intelligence (AI) is. For business practice, it is not the perfect definition that is decisive, but the right use case. We understand AI to be systems that make decisions automatically or autonomously and react to input such as images, text, and speech. The pillars of AI are data, memory, and algorithms. We help you discover these pillars, make them sustainable, and turn them into the foundation for automated processes and new sales.

Order management in the telecommunications industry means high complexity, extreme data throughput, highest availability, and reliability. Even small interruptions cause significant losses in turnover. Errors in the process mean unused revenue potential.

In this environment, we can deploy whole teams to the customer's site. With the extended workbench model, we are able to conserve the broad technical know-how needed to make changes and extensions to the various systems, so that teams can be expanded very quickly in the case of short-term bottlenecks.

We know SME (Small Medium Enterprise) business very well, but also, and in particular, large customer business. We are currently developing and maintaining a system through which a nine-digit turnover is invoiced per month. Four-week sprints ensure that new products can be launched promptly.

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Our competences and our offer to the telco industry are embedded in the line of business ‘Telecom, Energy & Media’. Our mission: We make new things successful faster and take legacy issues off your shoulders. This makes you more competitive.

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