Sustainability at adesso

#adessocares: our commitment to a future worth living

As a consulting and IT company we are early innovators in a dynamic and fast-growing industry. Thus we share a great deal of responsibility for the sustainable use of resources. We are happy to take on this challenge and put it into practice: economically, socially and ecologically.

SustainIT - Every Bit Counts

We see the need for a responsible use of our resources on many levels. Sustainability is not just a buzzword, and more than just a part of our social values. Legal requirements regarding production and procurement for example, are also based on sustainability values.

We make our contribution to a sustainable future in three areas: economic, environmental and social. On this basis, we have defined our specific fields of actions:

  • Sustainable Software
  • Sustainable Business
  • Sustainable Company

Our commitment to OceanCare

We are committed to long-term backing for the organization for marine protection. However, our commitment goes beyond traditional donations. For example, we integrate our support into our events, sustainable giveaways, and internal activities such as the annual sale of used work materials.

In addition, our employees have the choice of donating to the organization the amount earmarked for their birthday present, as well as getting involved in charitable projects within the company.

This is how we achieve the best possible outcomes for our donations and reduce our ecological footprint - because #adessocares.

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