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The connection of IT and sports is our passion

Reach your goals and your fans

adesso offers comprehensive technological solutions to advance the sports and entertainment industry. Whether you are watching the Champions League, playing a putt on your video game console or placing a bet on your mobile phone for the next race - we support your business with our cross-industry know-how. Our experts can advise you on the right choice of technology and support you in implementing the right technology for your company.

We work with a variety of sports sector companies, including

  • Video game studios and publishers
  • Clubs and various leagues
  • Broadcasters
  • Sportsbook operators
  • Amusement parks
  • Sports brands
  • Sports stadiums

IT-Tacheles - the Podcast of adesso SE: Industry in Focus - Sports

No industry like any other: In sports, passion, commercial issues and fun collide with technology - and customers are called fans. On the one hand, large sports clubs are classic companies. ERP and CRM systems are just as much part of the equipment as web presences or the use of cloud solutions. But "on the pitch", in the core business processes of the clubs, it's all about very specific topics: AI-supported scouting or performance diagnostics, for example. Data plays the decisive role, the technicalities are complex.

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Fandom-Management - the Key to Sports & Entertainment

Fandom is more than just loyalty to a brand. It is the way people connect through shared enthusiasm in today's world! This includes relevant activities - such as attending events, concerts or wearing costumes. Even small activities, such as wearing a branded T-shirt, allow people to express their fan identity.

Changing user behaviour and new digital channels - for marketing, dealing with fans is a complicated matter. And not all fans are the same, which is why yesterday's methods of defining consumers do not work cost-effectively.

adesso has decades of experience in developing and implementing the best technological solutions to reach buyers. We help your business collect and analyse data, enable interactions through applications and create a Data Centre of Excellence (DCOE) that continuously adds value to your business leaders.

In addition, our experts ensure that all stakeholders - both inside and outside your organisation - are equally involved. We believe that people, processes and technology are the fundamental elements of a Data Centre of Excellence to set a continuous process in motion.

Consistent process improvement is critical to the successful implementation of the Data Centre of Excellence solution. This is the only way to measure the maturity of a company's data-driven marketing against a continuum. Before implementing a Data Centre of Excellence solution, your own goals should be clearly defined.

Data Management

Tickets, subscribers, platforms, reports - the data your company currently collects is extensive and seemingly endless. Although fan segmentation is fluid and flexible in the digital age, less than eight per cent of players in the sports and entertainment sector today effectively use data-driven marketing solutions to ensure their branding has a wide reach. Our experts can help you find as well as implement the right solution.

>> There are numerous IT and data-driven use cases in the sports industry. The road to implementation is sometimes a bit further.

Oliver Kowalke | Bereichsleiter LoB Cross Industries | adesso SE

>> "adesso not only convinced us with the necessary expertise, but also offers us a tailor-made solution with which we can expand our portfolio at any time. This enables us to always keep our finger on the pulse of time and our players as well as to quickly provide new, attractive gaming offers."

Daniel Luder | Head of Development at Swisslos

Successful projects - satisfied customers

Our references in the sports sector give you an insight into our daily work as well as various projects. Our customers include Borussia Dortmund, DFB GmbH & Co. KG and RTL Luxembourg.

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