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The media industry was one of the very first sectors of the economy to be confronted with the changes of digitalisation. So it’s not surprising that many media companies are among the pioneers in this process and have begun the shift to becoming fully digital.

Every core business process in the media industry is affected. The production and distribution of media content across all channels is either aided by digital tools or is already fully digitalised and cloud based.

Our expertise for your success

Creating cross-system processes and solutions is our specific strength and the key factor for success in the media industry. Customer-centric solutions need to be approached in a holistic manner. We’re right at home in the world of enterprise content management platforms. Personalised customer experience solutions and setting up and connecting the right CRM systems are our business, and our marketing automation works for media companies too. Our experts create custom databases with just the right quality needed to increase the success of your products – because collecting first-party data is crucial to maximising advertising revenues. Learn new ways to harness this treasure trove of data together with our AI experts. And start to generate significant added value for your customers and for your business.

Answers to the challenges of the media industry - Our range of services

Turn anonymous users into loyal customers

The customer is always right. Strictly speaking, establishing direct customer relationships and the corresponding first-party database is the decisive factor for sustaining successful business development. This is particularly true for digital media companies, considering upcoming technical changes (the end of 3rd-party cookies) and an uncertain legal framework (GDPR, TTDSG [German Telecommunications-Telemedia-Data Protection Act] and E-PVO [German e-Privacy Regulation]).

We draw on our expertise to help you to find new users. And with our help, you can turn anonymous users into loyal customers who are also enthusiastic about buying or even subscribing to your products and with whom you can maintain lasting customer relationships. To achieve this, we develop a valuable database for you that also forms the basis for other areas of business, such as advertising sales.

Provide the right content on the right channel

The long-held division of media genres is dissolving. The production processes for text, image, audio and video are now largely digitalised. Customers expect content relevant to their daily life to be available in readable, audible, visual or video form on any device. We have many years of experience in the development and implementation of modern headless content management systems. Our experts work with you to create consistent strategies to deliver vendor-neutral, personalised digital experience platforms.

Doing so enables us to build cross-genre solutions that are geared to your users’ expectations. This is how we help publishers as well as TV and radio stations make their content available to their target audience via the appropriate channels.

We develop your data strategy with you

We help our media industry clients develop suitable data strategies. Data doesn’t just need to be collected; it also needs to be made usable. Our data and analytics specialists work with you to develop a holistic strategy for integrating existing data silos and tapping into new, suitable data sources. When the data that is tapped is of the right quality and availability, our AI experts can gain entirely new insights into correlations and predictions that help support your existing business models or even open up entirely new ones.

We show you how to use data about content and user behaviour to generate loyal users, leads and faithful customers.

We aid you on your journey to a digital future

The digital transformation of the media industry is in full swing. In many areas, media companies are considered the pioneers of digitalisation. But it’s important to regularly determine your status quo, especially in an increasingly agile environment. Current events and altered frameworks need to be considered, as not every part of the organisation moves at the same pace.

Use our digitalisation experts as guides along your journey. Our workshop offerings provide you with methodologically proven and individually tailored content and focus to help you determine the optimal path for forging ahead with your digital transformation. We act as your trail guide and pathfinder, always ensuring you the most advantageous route.

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