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In the era of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices, more and more companies need to develop and implement products and systems that facilitate remote control and intelligent management by users through connected devices with companion apps – so called embedded systems. However, they often lack the internal expertise required to develop IoT embedded solutions.

Have you ever encountered challenges with:

  • Hardware, licenses, operating system migrations?
  • Porting existing applications to new platforms?
  • Coding standards?
  • Compliance checks and QA (Quality Assurance)?

We’ve got your back

We assist you in implementing new ideas and products by managing all the complexities of the involved technologies, such as hardware, operating systems, connectivity and sensors.

This way we help you to accelerate your development process and significantly reduce the time to market for your products.

Alternatively, if your existing products require technological or functional updates to remain competitive in the market, our IoT embedded development service can efficiently help you to upgrade and enhance such products, mitigating the risks associated with the development of new technologies with a significant reduction in costs.

Gain and maintain a high level of competitiveness with our solutions

  • Turnkey projects: consulting and implementation in analysis, selection of hardware, architectural design, OS selection, connectivity, sensors
  • Creation of proofs of concept, prototyping
  • Development at all levels: from low-lever drivers, algorithms to the OS/application layer
  • Code base review, maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Upgrade to existing products: implementation of new features, technology upgrade, license-related or security-related upgrades.

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