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Digital Health

Success in the healthcare sector by combining expertise and technology

Increased costs, the rise in chronic diseases, a shortage of specialists, rising life expectancy and a lack of transparency are just some of the challenges facing the Swiss healthcare system. Digitisation is a key starting point for improving the current situation and was enshrined in the federal government's Health Strategy 2030.

We know from experience that technological competence must be combined with expertise to overcome these challenges. For this purpose, we’re the right partner at your side. We’re industry-oriented IT professionals who understand technology as a means to an end – and not the other way round.

We’re your partner of choice for digital health initiatives, a professional team working with you to develop the innovative IT solutions to meet your needs.

Our service is founded on professional IT services across the entire value chain - from strategy and concept through to individual software development and integration. We work with all commonly used IT tools and market solutions.

This is the basis for our industry-oriented consulting services and solution approaches to current key topics:

Solutions for your patients

Patients today are encouraged to be active participants in their own health management and not merely passive recipients. Digital solutions are vital in providing appropriate information for all demographic groups, and assisting your patients to source their own targeted health-related information.

The opportunities presented by digitalisation have a major contribution to make to the treatment and care of patients:

  • Communication with patients and remote consultation

The interaction with patients during their treatment and care improves the quality and reduces the burden on medical staff. When designing and implementing healthcare solutions, adesso therefore relies on proven products, such as the patient portal of heyPatient, which was developed for the Swiss market.


Solutions for healthcare service providers

Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure regarding cost and quality. Digitisation and integration of existing processes and applications is a route to alleviating this pressure, and providing healthcare professionals with solutions that focus on efficiency and quality:

  • Modernisation and migration of existing solutions
  • Connection and additional services for the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD)

The role of IT is changing – it’s no longer just about reducing costs. Today, IT must be considered an active ‘advisor’ to the company. New technologies need to be evaluated, potential recognised and new products and services need to be forged in cooperation with an expert partner.

This reorientation of IT to become a strategic expert partner is an essential change.

In many companies, the IT set-up dates back to a time before true digital transformation – confined to the server room, providing support while bogged down in individual contracts with third parties. All too often, the competences of the IT team reflect this classic image – creating a gap between this traditional IT set-up and today's demands. It is the task of IT management to drive this change from classic IT team to new. Our CIO Advisory is your ideal partner in supporting this transformation.

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Certain processes – orders, requests and change notifications – need to be completed at regular intervals. To save time and resources at this point, you might consider business process automation. By using this technology, you will increase process efficiency (achieving a 24/7 operation) plus reduce time and costs through fewer staff requirements while performing more flexibly in process implementation and responding to requests.

Our proven standardised process model evaluates the opportunities for how RPA can be used in your company with concrete ROI calculations. adesso supports you on the journey to a total robotics process automation solution, including:

  • Consultancy on the automation of your processes, taking into account regulatory requirements
  • Selection and provision of the appropriate tools
  • Creation of a prototype for your individual Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

Our expert teams combine knowledge and expertise in the fields of nursing, medical technology and diagnostics with RPA experience from numerous successfully implemented client projects and a proven methodical approach.

The advantages of employing artificial intelligence (AI) speak for themselves:

  • Relieve the burden on your service departments – e.g. through the use of chatbots
  • Increase customer satisfaction on various information channels
  • Support doctors and specialists – e.g. in diagnostics using automatic image recognition and processing

In addition, clinical studies can be conducted faster and more efficiently through the use of AI. Both patients and staff benefit from easy-to-use products.

adesso is your partner in developing ideas for the practical use of AI using innovative methods such as the Interaction Room or Design Thinking which also meet regulatory requirements. With IBM Watson, Microsoft AI, robotics, machine learning (ML), deep learning, text mining, natural language processing (NLP) or neural networks, we can draw on a technological repertoire that is complemented by our project experience in this area.

You’ll benefit from our expertise in using internal and external data sources with the help of AI in research and development, diagnostics, and product development. Our staff will support you in building your AI strategy or in appointing a Chief Data Officer.

The advantages of digitalisation – and our Master Data Management – have much to offer in improving quality and maximising knowledge from your data. We support you in preparing your data for clinical studies, resource planning, market observations and other targeted needs.

In the area of structured and mostly operational data, adesso provides you with state-of-the-art business intelligence solutions. You can also benefit from our business analytics solutions for extracting information from unstructured or polystructured data.

Our experts combine bioinformatics know-how with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you with powerful data collection processes. In this way we guarantee you increased quality in preparing your data – e.g. by using a data lake. adesso also supports you in the renewal and modernisation of your BI architectures to enable lean and agile approaches in your data world.

adesso’s skilled team of data scientists bring professional and technical skills and experience to support you effectively and efficiently in your endeavours.

Whether the risk-specific optimisation of development, documentation and operating processes, the integration of new requirements in the areas of ISO 13485, IEC 62304, IEC 62366 or the integration of new technologies - MDR compliance is part of the future mandatory programme for medical technology companies.

With our many years of experience in the implementation of regulated projects, we support you with validation consultancy, working with you through to a successfully completed validation and product launch in compliance with the requirements of the MDR. With readymade templates, we guarantee speedy implementation and optimisation of your regulated processes.

Solutions for Health IT

To digitally connect stakeholders and processes in the health ecosystem, extensive knowledge and experience is needed in designing, building and operating robust and powerful IT solutions. Our services include:

  • Advice on conception and architecture definition
  • Dimensioning and setting up the IT infrastructure
  • Configuration and integration of software solutions
  • Provision of technical knowledge, e.g. IHE and HL7
  • Implementation of digital health platforms
  • Clarifications on compliance with legal requirements, e.g. EPDG and DSG

Efficient and secure exchange of health data with patients and partners requires robust and scalable infrastructure.

Alongside legally regulated health platforms such as the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD), other providers are establishing themselves on the Swiss health market with health platforms for patients and service providers.

adesso partners a number of these providers and knows their solutions and interfaces inside-out. This enables us to competently support our clients in the integration and configuration of their applications.

Our teams combine professional know-how in the fields of health, medical technology and laboratory diagnostics with technical knowledge and effective methodology. We support you in constructing the strategic building blocks such that you can implement your processes effectively. Whether for care processes, medical products, web solutions or medical applications – your digitalisation project will be achieved in partnership with adesso and in compliance with Swiss and international regulatory requirements.

Since 2012, the non-profit association ‘Mobile Retter’ has been working to minimise the time taken for a qualified first aider to attend a cardiovascular arrest. To achieve this, the non-profit works together with a large number of professional-standard volunteers. The technology expertise of the healthcare experts at adesso is also a vital component.

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With the addition of Ralf Klappert to the team, adesso Schweiz AG has hired a proven expert in the field of digital health solutions. As the head of the newly founded Business Line Health, he also serves on the management board.

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