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Digitalisation in the energy sector

Our experts bring the right mix of industry and methodological know-how and support you in consulting, designing, and implementing your IT systems. We are familiar with your challenges and know that adaptability to the changing energy market is a key success factor.

The VUCA world

The once stable environment of the energy supply industry has changed: Welcome to the VUCA world, where the current situation is shaped by volatility of energy prices and uncertainty about future energy supply. Digital transformation, evolved IT infrastructures, and decentralised energy supply are leading to ever greater complexity. More ambiguity is needed due to the development of new business fields, growing customer expectations as well as the erosion of industry boundaries.

What does this mean for you?

The challenges around the 4 D's:

Switzerland has committed itself to decarbonising its economy and society. The Federal Council is even aiming for a reduction to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The shutdown of the country’s nuclear power plants and the expected increase in electricity consumption require a massive restructuring of today's electricity supply.

Due to the expansion of renewable energies, energy production will increasingly be decentralised. This means that tasks and functions will be transferred from large power plants to numerous smaller units in the distribution grid. Commercial and private small-scale plants will therefore become increasingly important.

The Swiss electricity market has been open to large customers since 2009. The prerequisite for free market access is an annual consumption of more than 100,000 kilowatt hours. In a second phase, the energy market will be liberalised for all private consumers. In this process, the electricity supplier for the energy supply can be freely chosen. However, the implementation date of this second phase remains uncertain for now.

Digitalisation leads to ever shorter product cycles and enables, among other benefits, further optimisation of internal processes to reduce costs. This requires a high willingness to innovate on the part of the market players.

Adapting to new framework conditions goes beyond digital business models – because changing customer behaviour also calls for a fundamental digitalisation of internal process flows to increase efficiency. As a result, IT is also increasingly becoming a strategy issue. Within the energy industry, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and the rollout of intelligent metering systems (smart meters) are leading to deep networking and integration of all market roles, processes and systems involved.

Energy and technology companies have a special role to play in shaping a new future. It excites me to bring people from these two areas together to shape a responsible and at the same time profitable corporate future with creativity and sensitivity.
Rosa Maria Rodriguez, Senior Consultant
The energy transition will bring with it new market participants who, thanks to their high level of digitalisation, can become serious competitors for energy suppliers. Together we will prepare you for this!
Frank Seifert, Head of Consulting Telecom, Energy and Media
Energy suppliers are challenged at various levels. There are not just challenges, but also opportunities to rethink the existing. An idea of what the future might look like helps get things moving in a concrete way.
Oliver Schenker, Senior Consultant

Even more power

By joining forces, we can support our customers from the energy industry even better in becoming more efficient. When IT is relieved and becomes more flexible, valuable resources can be invested in daily challenges.

Logo von adesso orange

adesso orange - SAP

adesso orange bundles SAP expertise within the adesso Group with the aim of translating customer corporate strategy into a custom-fit SAP architecture. Olaf Reiter, member of the adesso orange board of directors, says: "The name adesso orange is associated with a promise of quality. Our top consultants know the processes, the needs and the vision of our customers and design a custom-fit SAP architecture for every business". This also applies to the energy sector, from which Reiter himself hails.

Logo von urban ENEGRY

urban energy

The start-up urban energy emerged as a business idea from the energy management department at adesso and exemplifies the innovative strength of adesso staff: the idea of urban energy was part of an adesso SE competition in 2017; two years later, it became a company and from the showcase a complete solution. At its heart is an innovative IoT cloud platform built on the basis of artificial intelligence which integrates networks and controls generators and consumers in energy networks with one other.

The following companies put their trust in us

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