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Create structure and achieve your data protection goals

The totally revised Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, which comes into force in September 2023, confronts companies with changed regulatory requirements when handling personal data. Are you also faced with the challenge of adequately complying with these requirements and being able to prove this? Prime offers you a comprehensive and established solution you’re looking for.

The challenges

The collection, analysis, implementation and documentation of the necessary data protection facts is very demanding, especially in companies with complex system and process landscapes. However, this can also ensure the sustainability of the associated decisions and investments. The prerequisite for this, however, is a complete, up-to-date, integrated and evaluated database of data protection facts. This is precisely where Prime provides you with comprehensive support.

Until now, information on data protection-relevant facts has been collected in many places selectively, statically documented and stored decentrally. The consequences of this are obvious and no longer justifiable in view of the new legislation. At the corporate level, the quality of this information suffers from deficiencies in the course of its life cycle with regard to:

  • Actuality, completeness, correctness
  • Decentralisation, redundancy and transparency
  • Uniformity, integration and evaluability

This leads to justified uncertainty about the data protection situation at hand and hinders the:

  • Reliable sustainable decision-making on data protection issues
  • Reliable internal reporting of data protection issues
  • and the efficient, effective and differentiated involvement of stakeholders

Solution concept

Prime collects and provides support for the relevant and necessary data protection issues throughout its entire lifecycle:

  • «Inventory»: Initial collection of issues regarding personal data, e.g., extracting the relevant information from the applicable legislation and the list of the processing activities.
  • «Evaluation»: Initial and regular auditing of processing activities based on standardised assessments to identify and evaluate any compliance issues. Integration into organisational change processes (e.g., internal project approaches).
  • «Handling»: Compliance issues are addressed with corrective measures, which are supported by a workflow from initial definition to implementation (or acceptance).

Insights into the use of Prime

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    Create structure and achieve your data protection goals

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In summary

With role-based authorisations and workflows, Prime ensures that those responsible can perform their tasks in a targeted manner.

Prime allows you to establish a solid and reliable cornerstone of your DSMS that supports you in efficiently and effectively implementing your data protection strategy.

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