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Labyrint to data protection goals

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Create structure and achieve your data protection goals

The GDPR coming into force and the ongoing revisions being made to the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection have meant that companies are being confronted with changes to the regulatory requirements governing how personal data is handled. Are you also facing the challenge of how to suitably formulate, achieve and prove conformity with these requirements? Prime is the comprehensive solution you’re looking for.


The issues that need to be collected, as well as the analysis, implementation and documentation required are extremely demanding for companies with complex system and process landscapes in particular. That’s why the sustainability of the decisions and investments associated with them are a critical factor for success. The most important foundation of this is an integrated database of internal data protection issues that is both complete and reliable. This is where Prime provides you with comprehensive support. Currently, information on data protection issues are stored across multiple, selective locations. Throughout its lifecycle, however, this information is increasingly suffering at company level from:

  • systemic weaknesses such as decentralisation, redundancy and transparency, as well as
  • deficiencies in terms of actuality, integration, uniformity and efficiency.

The resulting fundamental uncertainty as to whether the existing data protection information is complete and up to date leads to:

  • the inability to make long-term decisions regarding data protection topics
  • a lack of knowledgeable internal reporting on data protection issues
  • a lack of efficient, effective and timely support for stakeholders


Prime collects and provides support for the relevant and necessary data protection issues throughout its entire lifecycle:

  • «Inventory»: Initial collection of issues regarding personal data, e.g., extracting the relevant information from the applicable legislation and the list of the processing activities.
  • «Evaluation»: Initial and regular auditing of processing activities based on standardised assessments to identify and evaluate any compliance issues. Integration into organisational change processes (e.g., internal project approaches).
  • «Handling»: Compliance issues are addressed with corrective measures, which are supported by a workflow from initial definition to implementation (or acceptance).


Prime allows you to establish a solid and reliable cornerstone of your DSMS that supports you in efficiently and effectively implementing your data protection strategy.

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Prime | Privacy managed excellence

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