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OutSystems and adesso enter into a strategic partnership

The year 2020 brought with it a new reality: Companies have to cope with the increasing pressure of digitalisation and adapt flexibly to unforeseen circumstances such as the Corona pandemic. More and more companies, regardless of their industry affiliation or size, are therefore dealing with the various aspects of digitalisation and now want to take the next step, particularly in the direction of more automated and therefore faster and more productive software development. This need is addressed by OutSystems, platform provider for modern application development, and the consulting and IT service provider adesso within the scope of their new partnership. The first common target market is Switzerland, with Germany and Austria to follow.

Companies have to react ever more quickly and agilely to constantly new challenges. As a result, they are accelerating their digital transformation. However, there is often not only a lack of personnel resources in IT departments, but also a lack of qualified specialists.

This is where OutSystems comes in to play with its platform that can be used ‘out of the box’ for a whole range of web-based and mobile development projects. IT developers and trained specialist users can use it to generate real, standards-based code to implement urgent digitalisation projects quickly and efficiently.

adesso’s technology consulting helps them deliver on the promises of the low-code paradigm and unlock the full potential of low code in their company. The spectrum ranges from platform-independent consulting to the empowerment of employees and the reduction of organisational and IT-related risks to implementation expertise from classic software development.

Digitalisation is not only driving the dovetailing of technology and business, but is also giving software development a much higher priority in companies than before. The OutSystems platform in conjunction with adesso consulting supports both trends by combining this modern application development with business process management, therefore enabling a wide range of application scenarios without system breaks. Large companies, in particular, also benefit from the reusability of the solutions developed and therefore from a high level of investment protection.

Acting together as a ‘trusted partner’, driving digitalisation projects forward

“Our experience has shown that the topic of modern application development is still something new for some customers and that industries face the current challenges with varying degrees of preparedness. This in turn makes it even more important to be able to trust digitalisation partners in order to minimise the risk of projects,” explains Michael Stanscheck, Regional Channel Manager at OutSystems. “The added value that adesso can bring to our joint customer projects is evident in many ways. On the one hand, this concerns the technical, procedural and business level. On the other hand, we can act together as a ‘trusted partner’ towards our customers.”

Michael Stanscheck (Source: OutSystems)

Hansjörg Süess, CEO of adesso Schweiz AG, adds: “The fact that our two companies can occupy this position of trust – to pick up on the idea of trust mentioned earlier – is particularly important at the current time, especially when it comes to digitalisation, which is mostly of strategic relevance today. What matters here is that all the cogs in the company engage with each other: Industry-specific aspects must be taken into account as well as internal processes and organisational procedures. In a sense, technology serves as the ‘glue’ between these areas. OutSystems offers a platform that delivers great added value on all of the above aspects and the company also pursues a long-term strategy to support customers in these aspects through the use of modern technology. In other words: OutSystems can provide the foundation for modern application projects for the entire adesso portfolio – from IT strategy to operations.”

Hansjörg Süess (Source: adesso Schweiz AG)

Diverse benefits for customers

On the one hand, joint customers benefit from the end-to-end consulting offered by the experts of adesso and OutSystems, who accompany them from the formulation of their IT strategy and its implementation to the operation and optimisation of the solutions. At this point, the four areas in a company that play a role here are intertwined: technology, processes, culture and organisation.

On the other hand, it is a true ‘partnership of equals’ that provides customers with comprehensive expertise: OutSystems contributes its technical know-how as a pioneer in low-code development and draws on the experience gained in many international customer projects, while adesso – with several branches in Germany as well as national subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland, among others, – has extensive on-site experience as well as wide-ranging expertise and the ability to call in experts from the entire group and to scale projects comprehensively, if required.

adesso’s ability to ‘empower’ customers is also of central importance. OutSystems provides the technical basis and the tools for this: The consulting and IT service provider accompanies companies on their entire low-code journey, helps them to use the platform appropriately and supports them, for example, with issues related to integration, organisation or development of specific backend services. This allows customers to focus on what is important, that is, on their business.

Impetus from Switzerland, focus on DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

The partnership between adesso and OutSystems applies to the entire DACH region. The first common target market is Switzerland and from here the partnership is to be managed and driven forward by adesso. Dr Christian Straube, Head Consulting Digital & Innovation at adesso Schweiz AG, has raised the issue of disruptive technologies – with low-code as a paradigm – and promoted the consulting service internally.

Now this initiative is to be expanded as part of the partnership with OutSystems. The first joint projects in the DACH region are already underway.

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