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adesso introduces talented IT students to the world of real-life projects

adesso introduces talented IT students to the world of real-life projects The IT service provider adesso AG has developed a new format for recruiting new talent: the rotating internship for students. The first graduates presented the results of their internship to adesso CEO Michael Kenfenheuer, their supervising mentors, their professors and members of the press today in Munich.

The rotating internship is adesso’s response to the notorious shortage of skilled professionals in the IT sector. With qualified experts in high demand, IT companies are increasingly focusing on developing their own talent networks. The adesso rotating internship also serves this purpose. It offers particularly talented students the opportunity to get involved in professional IT projects at a leading IT service provider and try out various different roles for six months as part of their work placement. Ideally, it results in solid prospects for both sides.

The first rotating internship of its kind is currently under way at adesso’s Munich location. The programme is set to end in February. Fourteen information technology and business information technology students from colleges and universities in Munich, Augsburg and Rosenheim, as well as from the University of Stuttgart, took part. They told adesso CEO Michael Kenfenheuer, the adesso mentors, their supervising professors and members of the press about their experiences and presented the results of their work today at an event at adesso in Munich.

During their six-month work placement, the students used the Scrum method to develop a prototype app for the insurance industry. They took turns acting as Scrum master, requirements engineer, designer, software architect, software engineer and test analyst. As a result, they are going home with extensive experience in a wide range of fields, are optimally prepared for agile software development and are familiar with creative methods such as design thinking.

“To get ahead in the race for the best talents, IT companies need to explore new avenues,” says Michael Kenfenheuer, CEO of adesso AG. “The rotating internship is our way of creating an innovative format that benefits both sides. The maximum degree of practical experience results in an outstanding learning effect for interns and allows us to position ourselves among young talents as an attractive employer early in the game. It also helps us benefit from the latest knowledge from the world of academia and research.”

“For students, our rotating internship is much more than something they have to do. It is an investment in their professional future,” says Alexander Frommelt, the head of a competence centre at adesso and a mentor to the first participants in the rotating internship in Munich. “The participants work on a project where they take on a high degree of responsibility, just like in the real-life IT business. That gives them a chance to experience what project management is like in the business world, preparing them optimally for their next career moves.”

“The rotating internship at adesso was a lot of fun and really helped all of us,” says Christoph Sürig, who studies information technology at Munich University of Applied Sciences and completed the rotating internship. “They take you just as seriously as a full-time adesso employee. And just like them, you get real feedback. That’s a great asset, and it’s why I can recommend to other students that they apply for this internship.”

Thanks to the positive experiences, adesso plans to offer its rotating internship every year in Munich and at its other locations in Germany.

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