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adesso founds subsidiary adesso manufacturing industry solutions GmbH for the manufacturing sector

Dortmund/Zurich | 16. August 2021

adesso has established a further subsidiary for its software product business. adesso manufacturing industry solutions GmbH offers the manufacturing sector a new, innovative industry solution for smart variant management. The concept makes it possible to thoroughly optimise processes in custom manufacturing, from variant configuration, creating quotes, handling orders and planning, through to production, commissioning and service.

Special requests and customisation are business as usual in the manufacturing industry, with consumers configuring cars and furniture or planning kitchens to fit their specific needs. In the B2B sector, companies increasingly need bespoke components, machines and production equipment. Products with a large number of variants and special features are in high demand in many segments of the economy. At the same time, however, the prices for them have to remain affordable. To this end, adesso has developed a smart and flexible configuration platform that is now available from the new adesso subsidiary adesso manufacturing industry solutions GmbH.

The key to success and maintaining competitiveness in mass customisation lies in intelligent, software-supported variant configuration, which plays an essential role in fulfilling specific customer requests quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently with a high degree of automation. The industry experts at adesso know the sector’s requirements and support corporate customers with their end-to-end variant configuration so that they can manage the growing complexity in sales, planning, production and service.

Platform for the entire value chain

adesso has a system solution for variant management and the configuration of customised products, machines and equipment that facilitates the integration of all aspects. The modular software package supports the entire value chain in the manufacturing sector, from marketing and defining the requirements at the point of sale (the customer’s place of business) to development, production planning and production management. It even provides support all the way through to commissioning and service. The result is a fully digitalised order management process with the benefits of short turnaround times and low manufacturing costs.

Managing Director Andreas Liesche talks of “customisation on an industrial scale, at prices similar to mass production” and he adds: “Our smart variant management solution is a sophisticated system for managing complexity in the manufacturing of products, systems and solutions with a lot of variants – even for one-off production runs. Manual contract manufacturing of customised products, which is often expensive, is now finally a thing of the past.”

Image of Andreas Liesche

Andreas Liesche, Managing Director of adesso manufacturing industry solutions GmbH (copyright: adesso)

Dominik Bischof, Head of Business Line Manufacturing Industries at adesso Schweiz AG, confirms this need: “Our customers feel the changing industry requirements and the growing complexity in sales, planning, production and service. For this, they need a digitalisation partner who not only has the technical know-how, but also provides them with sound advice and accompanies them during the introduction of the solution. The new platform, for which innovative products are constantly being developed, is the ideal complement to our all-round adesso service.”

Image of Dominik Bischof

Dominik Bischof, Head of Business Line Manufacturing Industries at adesso Schweiz AG (copyright: adesso Schweiz AG)

adesso’s new adesso manufacturing industry solutions GmbH offers information about its products and services for industry customers on this website (available in german): adesso-industry.de

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