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At a time when companies are increasingly focussing on sustainability and environmental protection, the question arises as to how our customers can use technology to achieve their sustainability goals. With the Microsoft Sustainability Manager, Microsoft offers an answer to precisely this question. In my blog post, I will show you what functions the Microsoft Sustainability Manager has and what advantages it offers.

What is the Microsoft Sustainability Manager?

With the Microsoft Sustainability Manager, Microsoft is expanding its portfolio with an innovative solution that helps companies to monitor, analyse and reduce their environmental impact. Based on the powerful Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Sustainability Manager offers a comprehensive solution for managing sustainability data. It enables companies not only to define their sustainability goals, but also to track and achieve them intensively.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager is characterised by numerous functions that are specifically designed to support a company's sustainability efforts. These include:

  • Data collection and integration: using the Power Platform's 400+ standard connectors, Microsoft Sustainability Manager enables the seamless integration of data from multiple sources, such as IoT devices or existing business systems, to provide a holistic view of an organisation's environmental impact.
  • Carbon footprint management: Sustainability managers can monitor and analyse the carbon footprint for their area of responsibility to identify areas with high emissions and initiate targeted measures to reduce them.
  • Sustainability reporting: The Sustainability Manager facilitates the preparation of reports in accordance with the current standards and guidelines for sustainability reports and supports companies in presenting themselves transparently and responsibly to their stakeholders.
  • Goal setting and tracking: The tool enables companies to define specific sustainability goals and track progress in real time to ensure they are on the right track.
  • AI support: With the help of artificial intelligence, the Microsoft Sustainability Manager supports sustainability managers in their work by recognising outliers, trends and correlations at an early stage so that any necessary countermeasures can be initiated in good time.

Benefits for companies

The first implementation of a proof of concept for the Microsoft Sustainability Manager at one of our customers quickly showed the positive effects the tool can have on a company's sustainability efforts. The most important benefits are

  • Improved transparency and control: as a centralised data platform for sustainability data, Microsoft Sustainability Manager gives companies a better overview and therefore data-based decisions.
  • Increased efficiency: Where previously data had to be collected and analysed manually, the tool saves time and resources thanks to automated processes and the integration of various data sources.
  • Risk minimisation: By identifying risks at an early stage and taking proactive measures, companies can minimise potential negative effects on the environment at an early stage.


For companies that take their sustainability goals seriously and want to work proactively to reduce their environmental impact, Microsoft Sustainability Manager can be a useful tool. With its extensive data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities, Sustainability Manager provides a solid foundation for organisations to pursue their sustainability strategy in a meaningful and effective way.

The first implementation of a proof of concept at one of our customers quickly showed that this tool not only improves internal processes, but also contributes to greater transparency and control in the area of sustainability. The Microsoft Sustainability Manager can therefore be described as a real sustainability booster that helps companies to systematically reduce their environmental impact and effectively drive forward their sustainability strategy.

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Johannes Jahn supports customers from various industries as a consultant on all aspects of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and Microsoft Dynamics CE. Always with the aim of developing solutions in line with modern IT standards and simplifying processes.

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