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NIS 2 can seem like an invincible giant in many ways to an organisation that must be compliant by 18/10/2024 and has not been regulated until now. Of course, the world of cyber threats continues to turn in parallel with the urgent implementation of the directive, and even seems to be heading inexorably towards us, and unfortunately, thanks to GenAI, ever faster. Microsoft offers a wide range of products that address the NIS 2 Principles. In this blog post, I explain what these are, what advantages they offer and what specifically needs to be done.

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12.07.2023 By Tobias Dieter

DORA et labora

Picture Tobias Dieter

The new EU regulation to strengthen digital operational resilience aimed at financial entities – also known as DORA – has been in force since 17 July 2023, though firms will be given a two-year window to comply with its rules. This new regulation places heavy demands on many companies. In my blog post, I will explain which companies are affected and what they have to do now.

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Inside adesso

Cyber criminals are changing their tactics and following us into our offices at home. This also increases the cyber risks posed to our companies. Offices at home can therefore become a gateway for new forms of data theft. Are we now helplessly and capriciously exposed to this data theft?

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Software Development

I was asked by a group of colleagues to pentest a portal to check that it is secure. As luck would have it, the test revealed only a small number of security vulnerabilities. There was one that really stood out, however. I’ll explain what it was and what took place after the vulnerability was discovered in my blog post.

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