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The impact of digital transformation is also being felt in the lottery industry. Covid-19 has placed companies in the sector under immense pressure, with many customers unable to purchase lottery tickets at sales outlets once the lockdown was imposed. In addition, not all providers allow legal online gaming yet. It is high time that the industry address key trends that influence the lives of its customers and, ultimately, its bottom line. This blog post outlines five trends that lottery companies must now be ready for.


Software Development

Customers deserve professional service. Good service goes hand in hand with sales. They both draw on the same data from the same sources and round it all off to create a customer experience that is second to none. SAP Service Cloud is just the right solution to deliver flawless customer service. In my blog post, I’ll describe the benefits and added value that SAP Service Cloud can offer companies.


Digital Experience

Anyone involved in content marketing should also be concerned with the subject of personalisation. Powerful digital experience platforms (DXP) offer cloud and AI-based personalisation services to deliver the best experience for every customer. I explain in my blog post what you should pay attention to in terms of personalisation and the benefits of using a DXP.



Companies that mainly operate in the B2C sector are increasingly dependent on their customers forming and communicating their opinions on the Internet. But how important are the reviews on Google and other similar portals for these companies, which key performance indicators play a role here and which tools and systems are used?


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