The topic of component sampling is currently a very relevant topic in the field of Manufacturing Indsutries. The efficient, digitized testing of components or finished products to meet specified properties enables decisive time and cost savings. The automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz relies on the platform.

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Manufacturing industries

We support you on your journey towards a digital future


Manufacturing companies are facing enormous challenges. This is especially true in Switzerland, a high-price country with a strong currency, where companies must prepare themselves if they are to keep up the pace with global competition. Processes need to be automated or the value chain needs to be digitalised in general so as to make manufacturing more efficient, to reduce costs and, in turn, ensure a company can remain competitive. A higher degree of automation allows manufacturing in Switzerland to be sustainable, reducing or even completely avoiding outsourcing to low-wage countries, which usually goes hand in hand with an increase in quality.

It is also important to be able to react more flexibly to fluctuations in demand, customised production or changes in legal regulations. The exchange of electronic information, including new possibilities such as the cloud and the analysis of the collected database, plays a key role in this process. Linking data streams with the corresponding IT systems enables new business models and offers relevant added value for the manufacturing companies and their customers.

The foundations of these possibilities are the new technologies that we at adesso specialise in. adesso understands these technologies and the mechanisms that underpin the creation of digital processes, services as well the enhancement your products for the digital world. We can help you to implement them, from the consultation stage to implementation to operation, so that they yield a return.


Service portfolio

Business success is the result of innovative ideas, forward-looking strategies and perfectly tailored IT solutions that provide optimal support to companies as they face their own particular challenges. This always involves the contribution of people who bring the right mix of technological expertise and a deep understanding of the customer’s particular business.

Identifying potential

Increased digitalisation will make the complex processes in modern production more transparent, more cooperative and faster than ever. Tap into the potential of digitalisation by using a custom digitalisation strategy to improve industrial productivity while maintaining or even increasing your business targets.

The digital transformation entails a wide array of change processes that need to be tackled head on. We provide you with different methods that you can use to address high-priority problems within your company in a targeted way.

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Process automation

Tap into the potential of digitalisation by using a custom digitalisation strategy to improve industrial productivity while maintaining or even increasing your business targets.

Automation, flexibility, speed and transparency are among the most critical factors in modern planning and management of product and production processes. Our IT solutions serve as the foundation for the transformation from traditional manufacturing facilities to smart factories.

Whether it is core business or manufacturing processes, all procedures have to work seamlessly and efficiently in the digitalised world. Optimising your processes will allow you to create added value, both on a company and customer level. This is the only way that you will be able to withstand increasing pressure from competitors and remain competitive.

The planning and management of manufacturing tasks are often coordinated using Excel spreadsheets, internal communications or simple add-ons to the various IT systems. However, this type of system does not take into account changes in task priorities or individual additions to the list of products to be manufactured, for example. As product lifecycles become shorter and shorter, information becomes obsolete more quickly and often needs to be adapted. It is necessary to react flexibly to variations, including personalised manufacturing.

Digital transformation is changing everything. But it is important that you see it as an opportunity rather than a burden. The advantages are obvious: you can lower your costs and minimise production downtimes, and you can monitor each of your processes in real time.

adesso supports you on the path to your digital transformation and helps you to meet the needs of your individual business. We help you automate your processes, from the analysis stage through to implementation and integration into your existing IT landscape.

The following added values for your company are particularly important:

  • Reduction of manual, repetitive data processing tasks
  • Reduction of media disruptions as a basis for real-time data processing
  • Continuous data processing to increase the process speed
  • Improved process quality and reliability, with increased profitability
  • Optimisation, harmonisation and standardisation of end-to-end processes

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Development and modernisation of specialist applications

Over the years, a wide range of different IT structures have been developed for implementing various administrative processes. It is becoming increasingly expensive and laborious to maintain these structures. Accordingly, it is necessary to consolidate your IT system so that the number of systems and processes are standardised. Also optimise your processes and services through digitalisation and automation, and increase efficiency and quality. The digital transformation offers you a range of opportunities to effectively connect people, machines and products.

We have many years of experience in developing, modernising and operating specialist applications and will accompany you on every step of your project, from requirement specification to design, development and testing, right through to the successful rollout of your new specialist application.

Depending on your requirements, we use existing frameworks or product platforms, where possible, to optimise the costs while also factoring in operation and the required flexibility.

Take advantage of our cloud solutions, for example in connection with our IoT platform, to confront the current challenges associated with a networked smart factory. We are here to support you in reducing your manufacturing costs and benefit from innovative approaches, such as predictive maintenance.

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Industrial solutions with embedded software

Our embedded teams develop firmware and applications based on various Linux derivatives or Real Time Operating System (RTOS) based microcontrollers. Languages such as C/C++ or Python are used for this. Our specialists have a strong connection to the hardware. Accordingly, they take into account the challenges of resource-saving software with short response times in agile development.

Together with you, we develop prototypes or turn them into market-ready products. We are accustomed to taking on complete responsibility within the framework of turnkey projects or, if necessary, only providing situational support in sub-areas of the development cycle.

Together with our SCRUM & Agile software teams, we cover the entire range of embedded software development, connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) or modern cloud technology-based systems. This enables us to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions. We support you in the redesign of existing legacy software as well as in the development of new product generations.

For the development we use modern platforms and development methods agreed with our customers. We implement the projects either locally in Switzerland or together with our own Shoring Centres. We propose the optimal project organisation for each project based on the customer's needs. This allows us to guarantee a solution development with the best cost-benefit ratio.

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