Generative AI at your business

Are you already utilising the potential of generative AI for your company?

"Companies that set the course and implement projects now will be among the winners."

You know the challenge: how can the numerous possibilities offered by AI be utilsied in the best possible way? And in a way that deals with regulatory and ethical issues in a proactive and responsible manner.

The fact is: more and more companies are utilising the possibilities of Generative AI. But how? We asked managers across Switzerland about this.

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A first insight into the contents

More details and recommandations for action can be found in the study.

The use of ChatGPT is rated surprisingly positive. Most users do not bother with weak points such as questionable content or freely invented facts.

One reason for this positive response: ChatGPT makes you significantly more productive. At least that is how users feel. Whether it's writing, brainstorming or analyzing longer texts: OpenAI's chatbot has a noticeable effect on one's own work performance.

Further insights:
  • Enthusiasm for GenAI is unbroken
  • Top management is making GenAI a top priority
  • GenAI is emerging from the experimental phase
  • Stumbling blocks sometimes slow things down

Would you like to find out more? Or are you not sure where exactly your potential for GenAI lies? Or you have not yet identified any relevant use cases for your area of responsibility? We are here for you.

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