Consultancy and design for the implementation of administrative processes

Concepts and solutions

Over the years, a broad range of different IT structures have emerged for the implementation of various administrative processes. It is becoming increasingly expensive and laborious to maintain these structures. IT consolidation brings with it the need and thus also the opportunity to harmonise the number of systems and processes.

Administrative processes offer support for day-to-day administrative tasks. These tasks are complex and specific to the relevant departments, which means they can only be carried out efficiently by using digital systems.

For many years, adesso has been developing administrative systems for clients at all levels within public authorities. Professional project managers and perfected procedure models facilitate the implementation of these complex projects. We support you with every phase of your projects – including the requirement specification and the design, development, testing and rollout stages – to ensure that they are successful. Our project managers, who have the crucial skills for the task, can make sure that even large, complex projects are implemented successfully.

Governmental administrative processes have usually evolved and been subjected to constant adaptations over the years. This is often detrimental to their stability and traceability, which in turn affects their long-term viability. Some of these applications require improvements regarding their operating efficiency.

Our experts migrate these applications to a target architecture that best suits the requirements/applications. There are various different migration scenarios for this process. Our experts also have extensive project experience, so they can ensure that the process of migrating to the new architecture is efficient. The source architecture is less important in this process because our expertise includes working with mainframe, Microsoft and Java environments.

The importance of application security is constantly increasing, particularly in the wake of recent data protection scandals. adesso’s expertise facilitates the provision of a one-stop service that ensures the highest possible level of protection for application data, in accordance with the IT baseline protection (IT-Grundschutz) methodology of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). When developing your administrative applications, our certified security experts consider the measures required in order to prevent external attacks. These measures are already in place when the applications are commissioned. We check existing administrative processes by reviewing the source code and by systematically performing penetration tests. Our experts will be glad to use these findings as the basis for helping you to strengthen any weak points in your applications.

Considerable experience is required for the conception, design and technical implementation of open government projects, particularly when it comes to Internet-based implementation and protection. Implementing governmental projects is particularly complex and therefore requires specialist project expertise. Established standards must be applied in order to observe the strict specifications and requirements.

Over several years, adesso has become familiar with these demands and expectations. We are therefore able to provide you with proficient advice and support in the area of open government projects. You can rely on us and on the experience that our consultants and developers have in the areas of e-government and open government.

We want to support you with your e-participation services and show you how you can expand your existing Internet and portal solutions by adding such services. In addition to offering process and organisational consultancy, we would also be glad to advise you regarding the implementation of open data projects. Our experts are extremely familiar with the processes, approaches and legal requirements that are unique to public authorities. This means we can partner with you to formulate customised application scenarios for open government.

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