The path towards digital administration

We provide you with guidance, advice and hands-on assistance as you progress towards digital administration – from exploring initial ideas, right through to implementing new processes and technologies. Our experienced consultants and developers have worked on a variety of change projects. They have developed concepts and tools that enable us to work together with you to identify fields of action, rapidly obtain results and implement digitalization concepts towards a one or non-stop government. The following principles apply here: The consultation must generate feasible outcomes and development must deliver streamlined, flexible and future-oriented solutions. We are using our concepts such as the New School of IT to look ahead and provide you with pointers for making forward-looking decisions in the process of digitising administration.

Of concepts and solutions

Over the years, a wide range of different IT structures have been developed for implementing various administrative processes. It is becoming increasingly expensive and laborious to maintain these structures. That is why it is necessary to consolidate your IT system so that the number of systems and processes are standardised.

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Approaches, tools and people

The most significant challenges facing public authorities in the next five years will be the continued development of e-government, digitalisation-related measures, demographic HR policies and budgetary pressure. However, procedure models and tools must not focus on IT or on the expertise of consultancy companies. Instead, they should focus on the crucial success factor, which is still the human, and they should offer tangible, manageable solutions.

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Of challenges and solutions

As part of digitalisation, the public sector may and has to redefine itself. Technological developments make room for greater opportunities to cooperate both on an inter institutional level and between federation, cantons and municipalities.

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adesso achieves success in the Microsoft area

The consulting and IT service provider adesso is currently highly successful in the Microsoft environment. In addition to being awarded two extensive contracts by the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication in the area of .NET development, adesso recently announced the acquisition of Hauertmann IT-Consulting.

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