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From casual gaming to mobile business solutions

It has only been ten years since Apple launched its App Store and triumphantly unleashed mobile apps into the world. The mass distribution of smartphones and tablets means that mobile solutions are now part and parcel of daily life. App sales for mobile devices have increased dramatically over the last few years, during which time apps have transformed the way phones are used.


Initially, the most popular apps had relatively simple programming and offered moderate added value. Games, weather apps and pedometers found their way onto digital store shelves without much need for comprehensive development processes or professional infrastructure. Technical problems were only discovered and fixed after launch.

With the rise of increasingly sophisticated smartphone technology and ever more stable and efficient mobile networks, mobile solutions, too, became more professional and interesting. Meanwhile, a fully-fledged and complex business area has arisen from this niche market segment.

Since then, more and more companies have started using mobile solutions either to accelerate internal and external business processes, to supplement them or to change them entirely. As a result, the mobile business has become more and more important.

Above all, the topic of enterprise mobility has long since become established as a core component of the modern workplace. Thanks to modern apps, company employees are now able to carry out many of their business tasks on mobile devices. Long gone are the days when it was absolutely necessary to provide an exact outline of the working environment, as employers can also coordinate tasks at their end and delegate them to employees themselves.

adesso mobile solutions GmbH has proven itself a reliable partner in the area of mobile business and offers the complete value chain of mobile solutions.

#1Analysis and strategy

In contrast to the initial years of app development, there is now a detailed planning phase before the start of every mobile project. An app’s long-term success depends on a precise analysis of the processes and challenges being incorporated into the communication strategy. This means that the customer can make their exact requirements known and we can incorporate their requests into the concept’s design. This analysis forms the groundwork for all subsequent steps, right up to the finished custom mobile solution.

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#2Conception and development

Professional mobile solutions are usually developed by an interdisciplinary project team in order to ensure organised and long-term development. This team is made up of designers with expertise in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) as well as experienced developers. Collectively, they ensure that the various modern platforms and agile project methods all translate into a perfect application at the end of the process.

#3Application management

Once the app development process is complete, the quality control specialists step in to provide support. As mobile apps are becoming increasingly complex and business-critical, live customer advice has long been an essential component of mobile projects. This is why continued support, providing updates and stable performance, is particularly crucial for mobile solutions.


adesso mobile solutions GmbH offers you the whole value chain of mobile solutions and optimises core business processes using custom and industry-specific solutions.

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