A topic area of the future Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

A topic area of the future

Blockchain technology is an exciting topic area, which, in the digital world, we will have increasingly more to do with. Underlying the cryptocurrency bitcoin, blockchain has solved the Internet’s fundamental problem, as it can be used to easily implement countless new application scenarios.

Our interdisciplinary team of business consultants, software architects, software developers and project managers will be happy to provide you with vendor-independent advice.

Blockchain services we offer

Impulse workshops

  • What is blockchain and how does this technology work?
  • What kind of problems can be addressed using blockchain?
  • Current business cases and developments
  • How today’s platforms look like
  • Live demonstration
  • Business cases in your company


Proof of concept

  • Specification of concrete application areas
  • Set-up of infrastructure
  • Development of clients
  • Support during pilot phases
  • Provision of innovation spaces
  • Provision of test laboratories


Blockchain demo page

adesso Schweiz AG sees blockchain technology as a topic of the future. This is why we devote ourselves not only to the technical aspects of blockchain, but also to the technologies and frameworks revolving around it.

Ready to get started right away? Feel free to use our blockchain demo page, where you will be able to better understand what blockchain technology associates with.

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